Used BMW M3 Charleston SC

Used BMW M3 Charleston SC

The M3 is what you get when you take BMW’s most popular executive sedan and upgrade the engine, the suspension, the brakes, the aerodynamics, the interior, the power-to-weight ratio — basically everything. The result is a comfortable, luxurious car that seats four but is capable of getting around the city streets or a race track at lightning speed. It can be had with an inline six-cylinder engine making more than 300 hp or with a V8 or twin-turbo inline-six making well over 400 hp. Because of its perfect 50/50 weight distribution over the front and rear axles, the M3 is known for its balance and exceptional handling.

The M3 is available with two doors or four, and as a convertible, so there’s something for everyone. Either way, drivers are surrounded in leather and luxury, with the latest in lightweight carbon fiber construction. There’s no feeling better than rolling up next to a 911 or Corvette and knowing that your sedan can easily outpace it in a drag race or on a circuit track.

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The best all-around car in the world

In three decades, the M3 has won more motorsport titles than even the mighty Porsche 911, which has been around for more than 50 years. In fact, the M3 is the most successful touring car ever in racing. And for decades, car reviewers and automotive enthusiasts have labeled the M3 as the greatest car in the world, the most complete car you can buy, the finest car on the market and a bargain for what you get.

Because BMW is a technology leader when it comes to controlling every aspect of the driving experience with computers, there are endless ways to customize the M3 to your preferences. From how firm the suspension and the seats are or how quickly the car launches from a standstill, to how warm or cool the interior lighting should be — it’s all at your fingertips in the car’s computer. There’s a reason the dashboard in every M series car tilts away from the passenger seat: These cars are made for serious drivers.

High performance sedan at Modern Classic Motorcars

Everyone knows when they see the iconic “M” badge on a vehicle, they’re looking at the best of the best. There simply is no better all-around car. If you can’t decide between spending your hard-earned on a high-performance sports car or a luxury passenger car, the M3 may be the best ride for you. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by taking one for a spin at Modern Classic Motorcars.

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