The Crew

Our team of experts live for this. We actively participate in the automotive lifestyle. We buy/sell/trade/restore as a profession. In our spare time we race or attend the vast sea of events available to satisfy our thirst for car-related experiences. (Porsche or NCRS Events, Concours events, Car Club Rallies and Collector Car Cruise Nights are favorites). We also research, talk shop and thoroughly enjoy our rides. You get the picture by now.

Humble Origins

Modern Classic Motorcars was established in 2015. Our three-person team operated out of a small warehouse located in Charleston, SC. Humble origins for a group with a big vision to be a premier specialty vehicle retailer and consignment dealer. Our brand-new, state of the art facility located in Durham, NC represents a massive improvement in every sense of the word. The new HQ will allow us to better serve our clients. We are thrilled to write the next chapter in our evolution.


The Automobile Industry creates specialty performance models and luxury offerings for the discerning consumer. This segment of the industry has taken on a life of its’ own. Design, Engineering, Speed, Power, Luxury and Exclusivity are the basis. Each manufacturer produces performance variants and low production ‘halo’ vehicles that will resonate with (us) the enthusiast/collector/luxury buyer. This is our focus. We buy, sell and trade fine, low production performance, vintage, collectible and luxury automobiles.


Your vehicle has been carefully selected/inspected by a highly knowledgeable team of experts who have done the legwork for you. (We are often enlisted by our clients to evaluate, authenticate, de-code, verify the condition and most importantly, confirm the actual market value of collector vehicles). We have no interest in marginal vehicles and we select only extraordinary examples. We treat our inventory as if each vehicle were one of our own. High-Performance, Collector and Luxury automobiles are our passion, so whether you’re into Corvettes, Porsche, Vintage European, Muscle Cars, Shelby, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz. We have you covered. Keeping our thumb on the pulse of the industry occurs organically through the process of inspecting, buying, selling & trading a significant volume of these exhilarating vehicles. Our attention to detail is represented in each fine automobile listed within our inventory.


Are you prepared to actually enjoy the purchasing experience? We respect the fact that you have invested a significant amount of time contemplating and researching your purchase, as a result, we keep things simple by ensuring that the purchasing process is transparent and pleasurable. We lean on modern technology to streamline buying and selling vehicles. Our philosophy focuses upon confidence, efficiency, expediting paperwork and simply acquiring/offering top-flight, exquisite vehicles.


Everyone is welcome! We have worked with clients from all walks of life. We’re glad to consult, provide professional market insight or simply talk shop, but most of all we are in business to earn your trust and confidence. Our top priority is to deliver a great experience and desired results. This is true from your initial contact, throughout the purchasing process to the delivery of your new vehicle. Consider us your go-to specialty/collectible vehicle source.


Out of town clients traveling to our place of business to inspect a vehicle in-person are always welcome. Simply contact our sales team for an appointment. We’re also conveniently located 10 minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport and can easily coordinate transport to/from our location. Raleigh-Durham, NC is centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region, just below the ‘snow-line’. Are you considering making a trip out of it? We can recommend lodging, fantastic restaurants, activities and popular destinations located right here in the beautiful, town & country setting of Raleigh-Durham, NC. The region also sports miles of gorgeous scenery and fantastic cruising roads.


We ship vehicles to all points of the globe. We will recommend reputable transportation service providers that meet our high standards and coordinate the logistics of delivering your pride & joy to your home or place of business. The idea is to simplify and alleviate any potential hassles.

Your Role

It’s simple. Allow us the opportunity to leverage our expertise to exceed your expectations and enjoy the new ride! A large majority of our clients become friends and colleagues that return for multiple vehicle acquisitions and sales.

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