MCM – Market Analysis, Authentication & Valuation



The automobile hobby elicits a massive following that is ubiquitous across society. Our hobby transcends generations, continents, vehicle type and brands. It seems that at every turn we run into another ‘car expert’, particularly on social media and the sea of auto related digital channels.

ex·​pert | \ ˈek-ˌspərt \ noun

: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject

ex·​pert | \ ˈek-ˌspərt , ik-ˈspərt \ adjective

: having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience

It is no secret that Paul is the resident ‘connoisseur’ behind MCM. Born for this? Perhaps. Sponsored by an auto manufacturer to be an influencer? No Sir. This dude lives the automotive lifestyle and has seen it all relative to the collector/enthusiast/performance car world.

Buy/Sell/Trade? Yes. Dozens of vehicles sold/acquired at the collector car auctions. Hundreds of distinctive vehicles purchased from auto dealers. Hundreds of enthusiast vehicles acquired for/sold to clients/collectors/enthusiasts worldwide.

Restoration? Certainly. Corvette, Porsche, Pony Cars, Muscle Cars. Concours level at that.

Authentication & Inspection? Absolutely. This cat has a refined eye for originality and spotting imperfections/inconsistencies. He finds pleasure in documenting, date-coding and authentication. Paul has inspected and acquired/sold collector vehicles for well-known enthusiasts, athletes, performers and power players in the hobby. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to guide the sale or acquisition of your investment vehicle? Would you?

Significant Car Events? Sure. NCRS, Bloomington, Pontiac Celebration (POCI), Camaro Nationals, P-Car Parade, Werks Reunion, Shelby Nationals, Audrain Newport Motor Week, La Jolla Concours, Amelia Island Concours to name a few.

Diagnosis? Paul can diagnose a vehicle most-often by driving it a short distance. He hears succinct gear syncro whine, can detect the slightest misfire, senses clutch & brake issues with his feet, spots alignment inconsistencies and can sniff out leaks that indicate lurking trouble.

Not Convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Here is what a few reputable ‘car guy’ clients have to say:


“Paul has the unique combination of mechanical expertise, an eagle eye for cosmetic condition, an impressive understanding of current market values/industry trends, can recite vehicle/model history while mixing in original design concept and engineering knowledge. I have been active in this hobby for 30+ years. Paul is one of the very few car personalities that I’ve encountered with this impressive skillset” -Dave B. Seasoned Packard, Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar & Ford GT collector. Charleston, SC.

“Acquiring a RUF vehicle through MCM has been a milestone moment for me and my family. The most rewarding part was how smoothly the deal transpired. I couldn’t have imagined the process going any better. Paul was an intricate part of the trust dynamic and comfort level surrounding the deal. I restore classic Porsche vehicles for a living, so I can sense BS from a mile away. Thanks for doing your job so well! It was pleasure dealing with you.” -Scott D. Well-Known Concours-Level Porsche Restorer, Napa, CA.

“I was a skeptic at first. I had eyes for a Porsche 911 RS America for quite some time and had spoken to a multitude of dealers/private sellers on a dozen prospective vehicles. That warm and fuzzy feeling was elusive to say the least. Paul had a one-owner, completely original example at MCM. He patiently walked me through the vehicle history, facilitated the PPI (with a very reputable Porsche tech) and answered my tough questions. Paul’s innate ability to understand my concerns associated with buying a 25+ year old vehicle was the distinguishing factor. He was instrumental in building my confidence in this RS America and helping me overcome my buyers’ apprehension in order to ‘pull the trigger.’ My 1993 911 RS America has been fantastic.” Thanks Paul! -Rich M. Former President, Porsche Club of America, Delaware Region.

trust | \ ˈtrəst \ noun

: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

Does it matter where your vehicle came from and who you place trust in? We certainly think so. It’s your call and your investment. We welcome you to form your own opinion.