Why Consign with us? Greater control, more equity and less hassle!


We all enjoy attending the collector car auctions or noodling on the digital auction sites, they are highly entertaining. This fun-loving dynamic tends to fade however, when selling your collector vehicle through these channels. Seasoned Car People & Collectors are quite familiar with the time intensive and cost prohibitive nature of buying/selling a vehicle through the collector vehicle and digital vehicle auctions. The most pivotal factor: the owner most often relinquishes control. Whether it’s the dreaded ‘no reserve or low reserve’ policy, the hours-long registration process or the lag time required to have your vehicle listed on the digital auctions. We’ve been there, done that.


Our Consignment Process


Fast Company - MCM has successfully delivered vehicle consignment services since 2015. We are a highly regarded, licensed, insured & bonded Automobile Dealer in the State of NC. We have client representation from all 48 Contiguous States.


Evaluate - MCM will evaluate your vehicle and consignment form to confirm if we have a “proper fit” to ensure success for everyone involved. We play to win and generate stellar results.


Expertise - Our Collector Vehicle Experts manage the entire consignment and sale process from acceptance to delivering your ‘proceeds of sale’ check.


Museum Quality - We correct minor cosmetic imperfections by offering services such as expert scratch repair, ding removal, and detailing on-site to prep for showtime..


Exhale – Need to ‘make room’ for that new ride? We have plenty of room for your 'old ride' at our brand-new, ‘state of the art’, secure facility. Your investment-grade vehicle will be treated with velvet gloves and due respect while under our supervision.


First Impression - Your pride & joy will be professionally detailed and photographed prior to being marketed on the appropriate channels. Our vehicle listings typically ‘go live’ promptly with a focus to attract qualified buyers, not just website visitors.


Time Equals $$ - MCM will manage the sale and extract the most equity possible so you can focus on more pressing matters. We also accept trades, offer consumer finance and coordinate transportation.


Finish Line – MCM delivers a 95% sell-through rate. Most vehicles sell within short order.


Congratulations - Receive your proceeds of the sale!

Consider a more personalized approach. Consign with us!